Is Ash Blonde Hair Dye Right For You?

Ash-blonde hair dye is one of the top-selling hair dye colors on the market. Ash-blonde hair dye consists of cool colors and softer tones, making it desirable to many people.

Women all over the world dye their hair ash blonde. Even men dye their hair ash-blonde in our modern world. One of the most common hair dye colors is ash blonde because it is versatile and attractive. It is light and compliments many cool and neutral skin tones, and pairs great with blue or green eyes!

To learn more about ash-blond hair dye, continue reading this article. At the end of the article, we discuss our top recommendations for the best ash-blonde hair dye on the market!

Who should use ash blonde hair color?

If you want to dye your hair, you should understand which colors are best for your skin tone and eye color. Choosing the right hair dye color is crucial to completing a put-together look.

Ash-blonde hair dye is free from red and orange tones, allowing softer colors to shine through, such as blue, gray, and violet.

Ash-blonde hair dye is best suited for people with cool-toned skin shades. Since ash-blonde itself is a cool color, it makes sense that it matches cool skin tones as well.

To know if you have a cool skin tone, look at the color of your veins. Do they appear to be blue? Or green? People with cool skin tones have bluish vein colors, and their skin has less melanin or pigment.

Although pale skin is best suited for ash-blonde hair, you can also rock this color if you have neutral skin, as well. Neutral skin is not a golden or olive tone it is more ivory or vanilla.

Neutral and cool tones are best suited for ash-blonde hair dye. People with warm tones should avoid ash blonde because it will conflict with the golden tones of your skin.

Is it hard to bleach your hair ash blonde at home?

Dying your hair at home can be complicated the first time you do it alone. The more you do it, the easier it gets. It just takes patience and practice.

It helps to have a large mirror to see where you are adding the hair dye, ensuring you aren’t dripping it down your face! It also helps to have coconut oil or petroleum jelly to place along your hairline to protect it from smears.

Part your hair into four sections. Start with the center of your scalp, running from your forehead to the back of your neck. Separating your hair like this will create two equal sides. Then, take each side and separate them into two more sections. These smaller sections will be easier to dye without having large missed areas.

Use clips to keep hair separated into sections. These clips will help keep the hair dye off of your neck and skin for added protection.

Buying a quality boxed hair dye will give you the best results when dying your hair at home. The hair dye will come with instructions on how to mix the hair dye together and will be portioned out so that mixing is a breeze.

Always use gloves to protect your hands from becoming covered in hair dye. And wash your eyes immediately if any hair dye drips or spills into them.

Does Ash-blonde need bleaching?

Many people who dye their hair ash blonde are not sure whether or not they need to bleach their hair before dying it. This reference will help you know if your first step will require bleaching or if you can add the dye to your hair as it is.

If you have lighter colored hair to start with, no bleaching should be needed to dye your hair ash blonde. Colors such as light blonde, medium blonde, and strawberry blonde should all be light enough that you can add the ash blonde hair dye and achieve good results.

The darker your hair is, the higher the likelihood that bleach will be needed for the ash blonde hair dye to show. All shades of brown, red, or previously dyed hair will need to be bleached to allow the ash blonde to be properly set.

But, when bleaching your hair, always remember to wait a day or two after bleaching to add the ash blonde hair dye. Waiting a few days will help prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle. If you dye freshly bleached hair, it is possible that your hair will break off.

Does ash-blonde do a good job covering gray hair?

As we age, the natural pigments in our hair deplete causing us to go gray. Sometimes medications or chemotherapy can also cause our hair to turn gray.

When our hair turns gray, many of us want to dye it to renew or revamp our look, allowing us to stay younger looking. Ash-blonde hair dye is perfect for people who are starting to gray or have fully gone gray!

Ash-blonde hair dye helps match your roots if many gray hairs are coming through. Allowing your dyed hair to look more natural and seamless.

Ash-blonde hair dye not only allows for an appealing look to graying hair but also provides ample coverage for the already sprouted gray hairs.

The gray, blue, and violet tones in ash-blonde hair dye cover gray hairs and allow your hair to look healthy and brand new.

Ash-blonde is perfect for women of all ages, so never worry about showing your age with this well-rounded color.

What’s the best ash blonde dye?

Now that you know who is best suited for ash-blonde hair dye, and how to use it, now let’s discuss the best brands of ash-blonde hair dye for everyone out there!

Highest Rated
The highest-rated ash blonde hair dye is Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme. This hair dye is formulated with color boost technology and made with a blend of olive, avocado, and shea oil.

Garnered Nutrisse permanent hair dye is thick and creamy, which helps eliminate drips and spills. The crème consistency allows the dyeing process to be easier and faster.

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme ash blonde hair dye guarantees gray coverage 100%. Gray coverage ensures a youthful look for years to come.

Most Popular
The most popular ash blonde hair dye is L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color. This hair dye is fade defiant and comes with care supreme conditioner, which helps your hair stay smooth and shiny.

The added shine serum provides silkiness and makes sure you maintain a vibrant and beautiful hair color. Choose from light, medium, or dark ash blonde to find the perfect color for your skin tone.

This ash-blonde hair dye is a gel consistency allowing it to be mess-free, keeping drips to a minimum, and making the dying process easy. Expertly created hair dye for everyone looking to revamp their appearance!

Also, L’Oreal Paris Superior ash-blonde hair dye is guaranteed to fully cover all gray hair! Look flawless at any age with gray coverage!

Best Seller on Amazon
The best-selling ash blonde hair dye on Amazon is Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Permanent Hair Color with 3D Gel Technology & Keratin. Revlon Colorsilk hair dye is budget-friendly and can be bought individually or in packs of three.

Revlon Colorsilk hair dye is ammonia-free and was developed with salon experts for a premium at-home hair dying experience. The nourishing formula is made with keratin and silk amino acids, providing your hair with shine and coverage. Your hair will look better than before you dyed it!

Choose from various shades of ash-blonde to find the perfect shade to complement your skin tone and eye color.

This gel hair color is thick to help keep the dye on your head and off of your face and neck. No more worrying about hair dye in your eyes or mouth!

Revlon Colorsilk Ash Blonde hair dye guarantees 100% gray coverage with a natural and effective gel hair color. Look young and fresh forever!

My Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to look fresh and fabulous when dying their hair. Dying your hair is a quick and refreshing way to reinvent your look and give you the confidence you need. Ash-blonde is a great hair color choice for those who have the right complimentary skin tones.

Use this guide to see if ash-blonde hair dye is right for you and check out our recommendations for the top three brands of ash-blonde hair dye.

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