What to Do if You don’t like your Brow Lamination

We’ve all been there. We see a new must-try beauty trend only to totally hate it when we try it out ourselves. Brow lamination is a very trendy brow-styling treatment right now, but it’s not for everyone.

If you went to your local esthetician for a brow lamination, only to come home and want to cry when you looked in the mirror, don’t worry—there are ways to correct this treatment. If you’re not a fan of the look, have no fear. We’re here to help you restore your original brow look with some tips and tricks from professionals. 

The best and safest way to remove a brow lamination is to wait and let it grow out. But if you cannot wait, book a correction with your esthetician, wash your brows within 24-48 hours, use exfoliants, brush through your brows, or condition your brows. 

We’ll explain these steps in-depth below.

What to do if you don’t like your eyebrows laminated?

There are some things you can try at home to remove or at least tone down your brown lamination. But remember, lamination is done with strong chemicals, so you have to be really careful trying to reverse it on your own.

Attempting to “fix it” at home might cause more harm than good—proceed with caution. Perm solution can alter the texture of your brow hairs, so if you can bear to wait it out until your brows grow, that’s the best route to go if you dislike your lamination. 

If you must do something about it immediately, though, here are some steps you can take. 

  1. Book a correction with your brow esthetician: If you are not a fan of your brow lamination, the first step you should take would be to call your brow esthetician and ask about a corrections service. This is the best route to take as you will be in the hands of a professional. Going to the same practitioner also ensures that they knew the look of your brows before the lamination.
  2. Wash your brows: If it’s been under 24-48 hours, wetting your brows will help stop the neutralizer from fully setting in. While this sounds simple, you should be very careful trying this on your own. The lamination process uses harsh chemicals and leaves your brows in a fragile state immediately after the service. This method is most effective though, as water will stop the process of neutralization and help return your brows as close to their natural state as possible.
  3. Use an exfoliant: After your lamination service, your esthetician most likely gave you a list of aftercare instructions. One major point on the list is to avoid chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs. Right after your lamination, your brows will be quite sensitive, so using the exfoliant directly on your brows might be painful, but using them around your brow area can help. Over a bit of time, the chemical exfoliants will help to relax your brows.
  4. Brush your brows: Luckily, your brow lamination is not permanent. Your esthetician may have recommended that you brush your brows daily into the laminated position to maintain the style, however, you can brush them in your preferred direction to slowly start to work against the lamination. Use a spoolie or clean mascara wand and gently brush your brows into a shape that is more enjoyable for your style. You can also use a brow gel to hold the style in place. After some time, the lamination will fade. 
  5. Condition your brows: Conditioning your brows with an eyebrow conditioner or coconut oil can help restore the moisture in your brow hairs. After a lamination, your brows will most likely feel brittle and dry, so adding some moisture back will help replenish them. This can also help with healthier regrowth, too. 

Can you get rid of brow lamination that didn’t turn out right?

Thankfully, brow lamination is a semi-permanent treatment, so your brows won’t stay in the upright position forever. There are a few things you can do to reverse the effect of the lamination, but the top option is to consult with your esthetician who performed the procedure.

There are also some methods you can try at home to reduce the look of the lamination. If you cannot consult with your esthetician, you can try washing your brows with water if you had your lamination within the past 24-48 hours. Water will help stop the neutralizer from setting in.

You can use chemical exfoliants, although your skin may be sensitive right after the procedure, so do this with caution. Finally, you can brush your brows to move them into a position that you like better, and you can also condition your brows to help restore moisture to your brow hairs. 

What is brow lamination?

A brow lamination is a similar service to a lash lift where you are basically using perm solution to maintain a straight, flat, and upward-styled brow shape. The brow lamination procedure is non-invasive, but chemicals are involved in the process.

The process involves using a styling cream to sweep the brow hairs in an upward direction to make them appear full and neat for a few weeks. 

Benefits of Brow Lamination

  1. Because brow lamination is non-invasive, it’s ideal for those who love the look of micro-bladed brows, but do not want to undergo the microblading procedure.
  2. Brow lamination is typically much more affordable compared to other eyebrow treatments.
  3. The brow lamination process is quick, typically taking under an hour.
  4. Brow lamination can give the look of fuller brows which can help to reduce the appearance of thinning. 
  5. Brow lamination lasts typically 4-6 weeks, saving you some getting-ready time.

How long does it take your brows to go back to normal?

There’s no set amount of time that a brow lamination lasts, simply because everyone’s brow hair is different. The average lamination can last between 4-6 weeks, however.

Our eyebrows take about three months to totally regrow, but if you have faster-growing hair, then you may fall on the shorter end of the spectrum.

Can you put makeup on laminated brows?

In your first 24 hours after your brow lamination, you should avoid applying any heavy makeup near your eyebrows. You should do this to avoid breakouts and further skin irritation after the procedure.

Your hair follicles will be open for a bit following the lamination, so avoiding makeup for a day or so will help you to avoid any skin issues. But after that period of time, you may apply your makeup as usual.

How long does brow lamination last?

While it varies from client to client, on average you can expect a lamination to last somewhere between 4-6 weeks. The more strict you are about following the aftercare instructions, the longer the lamination will last, too. Some people who follow the aftercare instructions to the letter will see that their lamination can last as long as 8 weeks.

Is brow lamination safe?

Because brow lamination is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure, it’s generally considered safe. One of the top risks when getting your brows laminated is skin irritation from the perm chemicals. Skin irritation can show up as swelling, redness, peeling, and itching.

If you follow appropriate aftercare instructions, however, you may avoid these irritations altogether. Making sure your procedure is performed by an experienced professional will also help you avoid any risks or side effects from the brow lamination. 

The lamination process, however, can potentially damage your brow hairs because of the chemicals used. The chemical process works by permeating the outer edge of your hair and breaking down the structure of it from the inside out.

This allows your brow technician to manipulate the hair shape and structure to achieve the desired outcome. Sometimes, however, the chemicals are too drying and can leave your brows looking like two fluffy caterpillars. This is why seeing a professional for this treatment, and undergoing a patch test, are highly recommended. 

Does eyebrow lamination ruin your eyebrows?

Brow lamination is a treatment that involves harsh chemicals on your brow hairs. The treatment is similar to a perm, which can be quite drying for your brow hairs. If the chemicals are left too long, your brows can get damaged.

This is why it is very important to only see a true professional for your brow lamination treatment. Your esthetician should perform a patch test on you 48 hours prior to your appointment to make sure you don’t have any negative outcomes. You should not have an eyebrow lamination treatment if your skin is inflamed, sore, or you have any open wounds on your face.

This is also a procedure to avoid if you are suffering from a contagious skin disorder. Also, if you have any scar tissue that is fresher than 6 months, you should not be treated, either. It is too sensitive and the chemicals could cause further damage and scarring to your skin.

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