What are Nail Dehydrators Used For?

When working on your nails and giving yourself a manicure, there is a large variety of projects that one can use to both prepare the nail, protect your nails, and help to make sure that your manicure lasts. A nail dehydrator is a product that can be used to prepare your nails for a manicure to ensure the best and most lasting results.

It is recommended that you use a nail dehydrator along with nail primers to ensure that you are taking advantage of the benefits of using both for your manicure. Using a nail dehydrator and a nail primer can work to increase the lifespan of your manicure, works to keep your manicure from peeling, lifting, or cracking easily, and can help to save you money.

Increasing the lifespan of your manicure, taking one more thing off your plate, and saving you money in the long run when you are able to get manicures less often. Manicures can be expensive, especially when it comes to acrylic nails or gel polishes, so extending the life of your manicure can be very important for your wallet.

What are Nail Dehydrators?

A nail dehydrator is a liquid that is a general degreasing liquid designed for your nails that works to gently dehydrate the nail. Through the use of a nail dehydrator, the excess oil on your nail is removed to provide a better surface for the nail polish or the acrylic nails to stick to.

Most beauticians recommend that you use a nail primer after the use of a nail dehydrator to ensure that you are getting the most out of the nail preparations stage. The use of a nail dehydrator worked to help make the surface of the nail to make sure that there is more adhesion of the nail polish, gel, or acrylic nails to your natural nail. By properly preparing the nail, the manicure will last longer as a whole!

Do Nail Dehydrators Work?

When getting a professional manicure,  these are products that are generally considered standard practice to ensure that the manicure that you are getting is quality and lasts longer.

Nail dehydrators are a great addition to your manicure routine to prepare the nail for the coating to follow. By using the right nail dehydrator, the excess oils will be removed from the nail bed and helps to ensure that the nail coating adheres to the nail more effectively and promotes longevity in your manicure.

Using a nail dehydrator along with a primer is highly recommended if you want your nails to look good for long periods of time and reduce the time needed between manicures. These products work to do three things: cleanse the nail of any dirt and oils, dehydrate the nail by removing excess moisture from the nail, and even balance the pH of your nails.

How do you use a dehydrator and primer together?

When working to prep your nails for a manicure, using both a nail dehydrator and a non-acid primer can be the difference in making your manicure look better and last longer. It is important to make sure that the products that you are using are quality, to ensure that you are achieving the desired benefits of them, without causing lasting damage to your nails.

When using both a nail dehydrator and a nail primer together, it is important to first make sure that your hands are clean. Washing your hands with soap and water removes a level of dirt and other contaminants from your hands that can have negative impacts on your nails as a whole. All of these products should be used sparingly, putting a small amount on your nails, and allowing for time in between each coating.

After you have washed your hands, use the nail dehydrator on your nails and allow a few minutes for the dehydrator to dry. After you have finished with the nail dehydrator and allowed time for it to dry and work, you can apply the primer to your nails. Once again, it is important to ensure that you allow plenty of time for the primer to dry so that it does not cause issues with the bonding of your nail coating.

There is an option for using a bonder to use between the nail dehydrator and the primer to further help with balancing the pH of your natural nail prior to applying a nail coating. It is also important to note that you should clean your cuticles and shape your nails prior to using either of these products.

What are some alternatives to nail dehydrators?

If you cannot use a nail dehydrator, there are some alternatives that can be helpful when trying to prep your nails for a manicure. Using alcohol prep pads and acetone can be helpful to get a similar effect if you do not have other nail prep products on hand. If you are using these alternatives for nail dehydrators and nail primers, there are base coats that you can apply to your nails to protect your nails.

When working to make a homemade nail dehydrator, using the right ingredients, and high-quality ingredients is still a primary concern for making sure that you are not causing extra damage to your natural nails.

Extra Protection and Longer-Lasting Manicures

Nail dehydrators and nail primers can be important to prepare your nails for a manicure by removing excess oils and contaminants. Proper preparation can help to ensure that your nail polish, gel, or acrylic nails will adhere better to your natural nails and last longer.

If you cannot find a nail dehydrator, you can mix half rubbing alcohol with half acetone can have the same effect as a nail dehydrator to help make sure that your manicure lasts longer. Similar to using a store-bought nail dehydrator, it is important to make sure that you use this mixture in a small amount.

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