The Complete Guide to Mega Volume Lashes

When you want to look your best, eyelashes are everything. Imagine sporting super-full lashes that look even better than strip lashes, without any of the mess or mistakes!

MEGA VOLUME LASHES are the ultimate eyelash extensions. Say goodbye to those expensive lash growth serums and pricey miracle mascaras, and say hello to constantly glamorous eyes.

In our comprehensive mega volume lashes guide, you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • What are mega volume lashes?
  • How many lashes are in mega volume lashes?
  • Are they harder to take care of than other eyelash extensions?
  • What is the difference between volume and mega volume lashes?
  • How much do mega volume lashes cost?
  • How long do they last?
  • How long do mega volume lashes take to do?
  • Should I get volume or mega volume?

Let’s answer all of your questions before you decide whether you’re ready for mega volume lashes.

What are Mega Volume Lashes?

Black as night, thick and full, but light as a feather, mega volume lashes have so much to offer. These extreme lash extensions are large fans made up of many tiny lash extensions. They provide maximum density, but they are still natural-looking and comfortable to wear.

Mega volume lashes include the most and the smallest lash extensions. The lash tech creates fans made up of 6-16 lash extensions and places a full fan on each one of the natural lashes. The diameter of each lash extension is tiny (about 0.03-0.05 mm).

How many lashes are in mega volume lashes?

Each mega volume fan uses 6-16 lashes, and you have anywhere between 90 to 150 natural lashes on your upper lid. You will end up with 540-2,400 total lash extensions!

Are they harder to take care of compared to others?

Although mega volume lashes offer the most dramatic change, they’re not higher-maintenance than your average lash extension. Here’s how to take care of your mega volume lashes:

  1. Avoid water at all costs (for 24 hours). Keep your lashes away from moisture (including steam) for the first 24-36 hours. Avoid the swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, and even long, hot showers. Do not wash your face. If moisture enters+ the adhesive, the extensions are likely to fall off. After the initial 24-36 hours, your lashes can get wet as necessary.
  2. Clean your mega volume extensions daily. Once the glue has set, it is not only safe but important to clean your lashes. That’s because your natural skin oils can loosen the glue. Clean your face using an oil-free cleanser, and be careful not rub your lash extensions in the process.
  3. Brush your mega extensions regularly. Instead of rubbing your lashes, brush them to remove excess soap and other surprises. Use a mascara or brow brush to gently comb through the lashes.
  4. Dry extensions after washing. Be extremely gentle through every step of lash maintenance, including when you dry. Tap the towel very carefully on the lashes to remove water droplets, but never rub the eyes! Air dry the lashes, or use a handheld fan. If you must use a blow dryer, it must be on a very gentle setting with absolutely NO heat.
  5. Stay out of the heat. Speaking of excessive heat, you don’t want to see what happens if the lash glue melts! Avoid scorching your lashes with a blow dryer or when opening the oven or dishwasher, etc.
  6. Minimize eye makeup. If you want your mega volume lashes to last as long as possible, avoid eye makeup completely. Applying and removing mascara or liquid eyeliner require too much contact with the extensions. These products may also contain oils that can loosen the extensions. For best results, wear only face products like foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, etc. If you need to use a little eyeshadow or liner from time to time, be careful with your product choice. Go for water-based, oil-free options, and avoid mascara at all costs!

Can mega volume lashes damage your natural lashes?

Some people mistakenly believe that more volume means more damage. Not so!

It’s all about the weight of the lash, right? A lash that is too heavy could potentially bend or break.

But mega volume lashes weigh the same as classic lash extensions. Each mega volume extension has a circumference of just 0.03 -0.05 mm, so the total fan will weigh the same as each individual classic lash (about 0.20 mm).

Some techs say that mega volume extensions are actually healthier than classic lash extensions. Classic lashes tend to be a bit more rigid, whereas mega volume lashes are extremely flexible, so they move more naturally.

In addition, classic lashes are placed on every single lash, healthy or not, in order to cover more of the lash line. When it comes to mega volume lashes, because they cover the lash line so well, your tech can skip over those unhealthy lashes and give them a chance to get strong and healthy.

What is the difference between volume and mega volume lashes?

Volume and mega volume lashes are both thick, luscious, and glamorous. But those lashes you see on your favorite celebrities who are always done-up, like the Kardashians? Mega volume.

There are two differences between volume eyelash extensions and mega volume eyelash extensions:

  1. The number of lash extensions in each fan: Volume lash extensions include 2-5 extensions per fan. Mega volume lash extensions involve 6-16 extensions per fan. In both cases, one fan is placed on each natural lash.
  2. The diameter of lash extensions used: Volume lash extensions involve individual lash extensions with a diameter of 0.05-0.07 mm. The diameter of each mega volume lash extension is just 0.03-0.05 mm. Mega volume lash extensions involve smaller extensions so that you get more volume without too much weight.

Techs can actually create three different types of volume: Russian Volume, American Volume, or Mega Volume.

Russian Volume is the OG volume lash style. This technique involves 3+ lashes that are 1-2 mm longer than the natural lash. The final result is thick, consistent, and even. Russian volume lashes appear soft and fluffy.

Touchups and fills are not possible, but the lashes may last longer than other volume methods. This technique will produce beautiful, high-volume lashes, even if the client’s natural lashes are sparse.

American Volume is a spin on Russian volume lashes, with 2-5 extensions per fan. The real difference between Russian and American lashes is that American Volume is more textured for a natural effect. Three or more lengths are used to complement the natural lashes in a realistic way. You can also refill American volume lashes.

Mega Volume refers to 6-16 lash extensions per fan made using smaller lash extensions. They are typically longer than the Russian Volume extensions, and of course, you can refill them every few weeks. As the name implies, mega volume lashes produce the most volume and fullness. 

How much do mega volume lashes cost?

Expect to pay around $250 for a full set of mega volume lashes. Of course, this number ranges based on your location and technician, so you could pay anywhere between $230 and $300.  

Good news – mega volume lash refills are cheaper than the full set, usually $80-$95. Get quotes from several experienced technicians before making a decision.

How long do mega volume lashes last?

Now that you know how much a refill costs, you might wonder how often you’ll need one.

Your mega volume lashes should look stunning for a full 3-6 weeks. However, some people find they can go a little longer without a refill – up to 8 weeks. Factors that affect the life of your lashes include:

  • The experience and technique of your lash expert
  • The materials used
  • How well you care for your lashes
  • Your natural lash shedding cycles
  • Your lifestyle (frequent swimming and sweating can cause the glue to loosen faster)

Some people do infills and refillsinfills being every 2-3 weeks to replace just a few lashes as they grow out, and refills being every 3-8 weeks to get them back into tip-top shape. If you want your lashes looking flawless all the time, ask your tech about what they recommend when it comes to infills and refills.

How long do mega volume lashes take?

Let’s say you’re going to get your first full set of mega volume lashes. How long will it take to apply them?

A full set of mega volume lashes takes about 120-180 minutes to apply (versus classic eyelash extensions, in which case a full set takes about 90-120 minutes to apply). If your tech makes the fans ahead of time, the process shouldn’t take much longer than a classic lash application.

Refill appointments do not take as long – expect to spend 30-80 minutes on each touch-up.

Pro tips to keep your lash appointment as short as possible

  1. Clean the eyes: Make sure the eye area is clean – you shouldn’t have any makeup or lotions anywhere around the eyes when you arrive. They must be 100% clean or else your tech will spend time removing all of the residues.
  2. Reduce twitching: Avoid caffeine before your appointment. The jitters can lead to eye twitching, which makes the process more difficult.
  3. Prevent interruptions: Use the restroom and make sure you’re comfortable before beginning your appointment. In addition, turn off your cell phone if possible. You won’t really be able to use it with your eyes closed and your tech leaning over you anyway!

Should I get volume or mega volume? How do I know which is right for me?

Now that you know all the differences between volume and mega volume lashes, you may still not be sure which one is right for you.

There are plenty of similarities between volume and mega volume lash extensions… the applications are similar, and either will work well for people with thin and sparse lashes (or people with full and healthy lashes, too). Keep in mind that the main differences include 1) the number and 2) the size of the lashes. But which one will look best on you, and which is better for your lifestyle?

Reasons to choose mega volume lash extensions:

  • You want the MOST dramatic results
  • You want to emphasize your eyes for photographs, weddings, or other special events
  • You want the MOST fullness and darkness
  • You want the fluffiest final look
  • You want fully customizable lash extensions that will accentuate your natural eye shape

Reasons to choose volume lash extensions:

  • You want exceptionally full, dark, and dramatic lashes but you’re worried about going over the top
  • You have an ample budget for lash extensions but you don’t want to spend the full amount on mega volume lash extensions
  • You want to try out volume lashes before you commit to mega volume lash extensions

The very best thing you can do to choose volume vs. mega volume is to visit an eyelash tech that you trust. Choose someone with a lot of experience so they can look at your eye shape and natural lashes before making a good suggestion. During your visit, you can share your preferences or photos of your favorite celebrity lashes.

Show off those stunning eyes

Mega volume lash extensions complement your natural face shape and give your eyes a lift. Full, luscious lashes can make you look younger, and they’ll certainly help you look put-together all the time (even if you just recently rolled out of bed). Enhance your beauty to the fullest with mega volume lash extensions!

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