Silk vs Mink vs Synthetic Lash Extensions – What’s the Difference? (With Examples)

There are many different options when it comes to eyelash extensions. From silk to mink to synthetic, it seems that there is an extension made for just about every occasion and lifestyle. With so many styles to choose from, it might be a little overwhelming to figure out which kind is right for you. So, what are the benefits of eyelash extensions which kind should you invest in?

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance natural eyelashes, making them appear fuller and thicker. Those with light-colored eyelashes or thin eyelashes will get a lot of benefit from applying extensions. Still, there are many different kinds, so which kind should you choose?

This article will examine three types of eyelash extensions, weighing out their differences and similarities and exploring their pros and cons in order to help you decide which style is right for you.

Pros & Cons of Silk Lashes

When you think of silk eyelashes, you’re probably thinking of them being made of 100% silk – but that’s not exactly the case. Instead, these eyelash extensions are made of a synthetic silk fiber and not just from natural silk. This is because real silk is too soft of a material and would not be able to maintain a good shape or curl and would be pointless to use as an eyelash extension.

These eyelash extensions are in the mid-weight range, making them perfect for those whose eyelashes are weak or too fine. They are flexible, natural-looking, long-lasting, and provide you with a fuller and curlier eyelash look. Silk eyelash extensions also come in various lengths, colors, and curls, making them suitable for either a dramatic or natural look, whichever style you prefer.

Silk eyelashes are a popular choice for a variety of occasions, from a late-night dinner date to being a bride at a wedding. They’re inexpensive but of good quality, making them an ideal choice for many.


  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Mid-weight
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Various thickness styles can give a dramatic or natural look
  • Maintains their curl
  • Different colors, matte, and shiny finishes


  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Some brands are advertised as silk but are made of unknown material

Average Cost

Silk eyelash extensions are an affordable option for those on a budget. Though it varies from salon to salon, it will cost around $120 for these to be applied. The touch-ups you receive for these lashes will be around $75.

How Long Do They Last?

On average, you can expect your silk eyelashes to last around six to eight weeks. However, this will depend on your own eyelashes and how long they typically last before falling out.

Additionally, you can make them last longer, and perhaps even indefinitely, if you get your extensions refilled when you notice them start to fall out. This will, however, require many trips to the salon.

Pros & Cons of Mink Lashes

Another popular extension, though maybe not among animal lovers, is that of mink. These eyelash extensions are created from Siberian Mink or Chinese Mink tails and are soft and lightweight.

Despite these being a popular choice, there aren’t as many being produced today for various reasons. Still, if you do find these eyelash extensions, you’ll end up with a soft and fluffy natural look.

These extensions are usually hollow inside and allow for additional extensions to be applied per natural lash. Since they’re so light weight, there’s almost no worry of them weighing your natural lashes down.

There are several disadvantages when it comes to mink eyelashes, though. They are more expensive than other alternatives, they need more maintenance since they do not come or stay curled, the retrieval of mink fur is inhumane, and they are prone to giving people allergic reactions.

However, there is another alternative to mink lashes: faux mink eyelash extensions. With faux mink eyelashes, you get the look of real mink fur without the constant maintenance and inhumane treatment of animals. They come in various lengths and with a permanent curl, unlike real mink eyelashes.

The disadvantage of faux mink eyelashes is that they’re a little bolder and glossier than the real thing, but you can still achieve a great look with them, especially since they are customizable.


  • Long-lasting
  • Luxurious
  • Natural-looking
  • Can be obtained in faux material


  • Costly
  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Inhumane (if not faux)
  • High maintenance

Average Cost

These eyelashes are some of the most expensive eyelash extensions on the market and a full set can cost you up to $500. Keep in mind, though, that it depends on your location and the salon.

Alternatively, faux mink eyelashes are less expensive and can range in price from $150 to $250. Again, it will depend on where you go to get them applied.

How Long Do They Last?

Mink eyelash extensions last anywhere from eight to ten weeks. This, of course, will depend on you and how well you take care of them. However, you can wear these extensions 24/7 without worry. Consult your beautician for tips on caring for them and when you should get them retouched.

On the other hand, faux mink eyelash extensions do not have the life expectancy of their counterpart. Instead, they typically last anywhere from five days to eight weeks. This is dependent on the application style and how well they are maintained.

Pros & Cons of Synthetic Lashes

When you hear the word synthetic, you probably associate it with the words cheap and low-quality. While it is true that these may be a more affordable option, it doesn’t mean that they’re low-quality.

Synthetic eyelashes can be created in similarity to silk and mink, or it can be created from polished acrylic materials. They are stronger and hardier than most other extensions.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to using these types of eyelashes. For example, they can be a little too shiny, giving them an unnatural look. They are also darker and thicker than others, which makes them heavier on your natural eyelashes. Over time, these extensions can cause damage to your natural eyelashes, making using them long-term not a viable option.


  • Maintains their curl
  • Thicker and more dramatic
  • Affordable


  • Can look unnatural
  • Not as long-lasting
  • Stiff feeling
  • Not meant for long-term use as they can cause damage to your natural eyelashes

Average Cost

It’s dependent on where you get them done and what style/type you are going for. On average, you can expect to pay around $120 to $150 for basic synthetic eyelashes.

How Long Do They Last?

Synthetic eyelashes can last up to eight weeks with the proper care. You can get touch-ups and refills to make them last longer than eight weeks, though.

Which Option is Best Overall?

Since synthetic eyelashes should not be used long-term as they can damage your natural eyelashes, the option for which is the best overall comes down to silk vs mink. However, if you’re only looking to wear extensions for a short period of time, or if it’s your first-time trying extensions out, then synthetic would be perfectly fine for you.

When it comes to silk or mink, it will depend on the person getting them done.

Unfortunately, no matter which type you choose between silk and mink, they won’t look as natural as synthetic lashes do. Mink also requires more maintenance and care than synthetic and silk lashes. Since they do not come with a curl, you will need to curl them daily to give them the desired look.

All in all, there’s not one that is better than the other. It will depend on the budget, lifestyle, and how much time the person wearing them has to maintain them as well as what type of look they are going for and if they prefer animal-safe products.  

Is it Possible to Get Permanent Extensions?

Yes, it is possible! These extensions are usually referred to as implants and will require surgery as opposed to just an ordinary trip to the salon. During the procedure, the patient will receive individual human hairs, usually retrieved from the back of the patient’s head, that will be implanted on the lash line to give a permanent and fuller look.

This type of procedure is quite a bit more expensive – ranging from $1,000 to $6,000.

In addition to the cost, eyelash implants will require more maintenance and upkeep. Since the implants will grow at the speed of the hair on your head, they will need to be trimmed and curled regularly.


Eyelash extensions are great for those who have thin or light eyelashes. The types mentioned above are only three of the different kinds you can get but are the most popular. While you can apply extensions yourself at home, you should consult with a beautician at a salon to get the best fit and style for you as well as long-lasting extensions that won’t need replaced every few days.

Whether it’s for an upcoming date, a wedding, some other event, or just to give you a confidence boost, eyelash extensions can be a great asset for those who want a fuller eyelash look.

If you’re not wanting to have them replaced or refilled every so often, though, you should consider eyelash implants which are a more permanent solution.

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