Moxielash vs Glamnetic- Which is Right for You?

With the world acknowledging that glue lashes might not be ideal for our health, many are gradually turning their attention to magnetic lashes. Why is that so? Economically, they offer more benefits since you can always reuse them, and unlike glue types, they do not damage the eyelashes. Moxielash and Glamnetic lashes are two popular magnetic lashes with unique features. Now you are wondering Moxielash vs Glamnetic – which is best for you?

Both lashes are great, but the best brand for your eyelash depends on several factors, including the shape of your eye and its size, your budget, and your lash preference. Glamnetic brand offers eyelashes that are straight and long, while the Moxielash brand offers lashes that are short and curvy. Also, eyelashes from MoxieLash come with more obvious magnets and a thinner band, making them ideal for people with small eyes.

We cannot overstate the importance of choosing the right brand for your eyelash needs, so in this article, we will discuss the merits and demerits of each brand. This is to help you make informed decisions when choosing any of these magnetic eyelashes.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Magnetic eyelashes work by placing your natural lash in the middle of two fake lashes with magnetic strips. These strips hold the lashes in place the same way as using glue. However, these lashes are often more expensive than their glue counterparts, but they are worth the cost as you can reuse them severally and even wash them.

Looking to apply your magnetic eyelashes on your own? Here are some easy steps you could follow;

  • For the eyelash magnets to stick successfully, it requires a solid base. You can provide this base by curling your eyelashes using an eyelash curler. There are different eyelash curlers for different eye shapes, so ensure you pick the right one for your eyes.
  • Beef up your natural lashes by applying a mascara coat on them. This aims to make the magnetic eyelashes look more real when you finally fix them. Please do not apply mascara directly to your magnetic eyelashes. Here is why? It makes the magnetic eyelashes unfit for future use while giving your eyes a strange and unpleasant appearance.
  • To apply the lashes, create a curve on them by holding and rolling their edges into a rainbow shape. After creating the curve, position one fake lash on top of your natural lashes. Ensure you place the lash close to the lash line. After securing the top, place the fake bottom lash under your natural lash. This method will make the magnetic eyelashes click together.

Alternatively, you can use a lash applicator for this process. In this case, all you need to do is put the top lash on the lash applicator first and the bottom lashes under the top one. Bring both lashes close to your lash line and drop them. Please, ensure you place magnetic lashes as close to the lash line as possible to create a seamless transition between your natural lashes and the magnetic ones.

Are They Safe?

Compared to other fake lashes that require harmful glues, magnetic lashes are safe. However, there is always a risk attached to using any product around the eyes since they are sensitive body parts.

Using the product incorrectly, a hyper-sensitive eye or skin increases your risk to some extent. Hence, there are some potential side effects of using magnetic eyelashes.

Avoid using magnetic eyelashes if there is a sign of irritation or infection around your eye area, as using them might aggravate it. Also, magnets are strong, and when you misapply magnetic eyelashes, you risk damaging the hair follicle of your real lashes and even pulling them out when removing the lashes. Removing the magnetic lashes slowly and following the manufacturer’s instructions could help prevent these issues.

How do you correctly use Magnetic eyelashes?

  • Apply Magnetic lashes on clean, dry skin. Also, before touching your eye area, ensure your hands are sterile to help prevent any form of infection.
  • If you would be using eye shadow or any other eye product, apply them before you attach the magnetic lashes
  • After attaching the lashes, press gently on both sides of your natural lashes to ensure they stick strongly together so it does not slide off and injure your eyes.
  • In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary health risks, do not share your magnetic lashes or eyeliners with other people.

Since you can also get injured when removing magnetic lashes, how do you correctly remove magnetic eyelashes?

  • Try to remove the lashes and eyeliners at the day’s end before going to bed
  • Gently detach both sides of the magnet from one another, the same way you would separate two magnets bound to each other.
  • If you used magnetic eyeliner and other cosmetics, swipe over your eyes gently using a cotton swab and eye makeup remover to rid your eyes of the cosmetics
  • To prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes, always clean your magnetic lashes with soap and water or alcohol after each use.
  • After washing, ensure it dries out completely before storing it in an airtight container.

Also, corneal damage could result when poorly attached magnetic lashes break away from your lash line and brush your eyes.

Although rare, the iron oxide in magnetic eyeliners could pose a health risk if you are allergic to it. If you have a history of contact dermatitis or eczema, you might be allergic to Iron oxide. How do you know if you are allergic or not? Do a patch test on your arm using the magnetic eyeliner. Put a small quantity of the eyeliner inside your elbow and let it stand for one to two days. If your skin reacts to this test, please desist from using magnetic eyeliners.

What are The Pros/ Cons of Moxielash

Moxielash founded in 2017, offers over 40 different types of magnetic lash you can choose. Below are some pros and cons of using Moxielash magnetic lashes.

Pros of Moxielash Magnetic lashes

  • Designed for a full day’s use
  • It does not contain animal by-products
  • It is weather-resistant, making them waterproof
  •  Contains no heavy metals
  • They are safe for you and simple to attach
  • Applying this lash does not consume time
  • It is durable, and you can use it up to 60 times before you would need to change it
  • They are easy to remove
  • It is purely vegan-based

Cons of Moxielash Magnetic Lashes

  • There are limitations in terms of style, color, and shapes available for you to choose from
  • It does not offer lashes for men, only for women
  • Compared to Glamnetic, Moxielash magnetic lashes are expensive.

What are the Pros/ Cons of Glamnetic

Since its establishment in 2019, the Glamnetic brand has released over 50 different magnetic lash designs for you to choose from. They also come in different styles, from round shapes to wispy and cat-eye. A pack of Glamnetic Magnetic eyelashes contains six magnetic eyelashes.

Pros of Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes

  • There is a wide range of eyelash varieties for you to choose from
  • They have products for all genders
  • Glamnetic eyelashes are not as prominent as the ones from Moxielash
  • Compared to Moxielash, they are cheaper and more affordable
  • With proper maintenance, you can use Glamnetic Magnetic lashes up to 40 times before replacement
  • It does not contain heavy metals
  • Does not contain parabens
  • You can choose between vegan or non-vegan eyelash products.

Cons of Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes

  • You might find it difficult to use this Magnetic eyelash because of its long brush
  • Eyeliners are strong, making the eyelashes a tad difficult to remove.

Which is Better? Moxie vs Glamnetic Lash

Both Magnetic Eyelash brands are relatively easy to use, eco-friendly, and hygienic, making it difficult to choose the ideal one for you. So,which is better, Glamnetic or Moxielash? Here are some factors to help you decide.

Shape and Size of Your Eye

Your eye shape, size, and preference determine to a large extent which Magnetic eyelash would be better for you. If you have small eyes, getting the Moxielash magnetic lashes might be ideal as they come with more obvious magnets, which would make your eyes stand out.

Type of Lash Preferred

Do you want everybody to know you have fake eyelashes on, or do you want something that blends completely with your eyelashes? Magnetic lashes from the Glamnetic brand are straight and lengthier, while lashes from Moxielash are curvy and shorter. To choose the ideal one for your needs, you should know the nature of your natural eyelashes, whether long, short, curly, or straight.

Simple or Innovative

Glamnetic wins the Glamnetic vs Moxie debate by some distance when it comes to innovation. If you are out for innovative magnetic eyelashes, you should consider Glamnetic brand eyelashes, as they provide the most advanced lashes in today’s market. One of the innovations Glamnetic provides you is the lash anchors, which help keep magnetic lashes in place. The challenge with lash anchors is that it makes the magnetic lash complex to remove.

Eyeliner Solution

Eyeliners help keep the magnetic lashes in place and also determine how easy or difficult it would be to remove them when you need to. If you are looking for a brand with an Eyeliner that facilitates the ease of removal, then it is Moxielash over Glamnetic. Moxielash eyeliners are less liquid than Glamnetic’s, which makes applying them easier.

The eyeliner from Glamnetic is stronger than that of Moxie Lash, and while this helps hold the eyelash firmly in place, it makes it difficult to remove.


As you can see from this article, deciding which brand is better is not an easy feat. Your personal preference, eye size, and shape play a major role in determining which product would be perfect for you.

Choosing the right brand for your needs helps complete your makeup routine, giving you the stunning eyes you desire. So, it all boils down to your preference between Glamnetic vs Moxielash.

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