How Long Does Mascara Last When Unopened?

An unopened tube of mascara can last well over a year with a little care. When you find a good deal on cosmetics you like or a big sale on your favorites, you might find yourself buying more than one tube of mascara. Keep storage and expiration dates in mind if you plan to stock up.

When stored properly, a sealed container of mascara can last up to two years. When you’re opening a new tube, you need to be able to tell if the mascara is still good. 

You want to be sure that the mascara is still fresh before you use it so you can look your best and keep your eyes healthy. If the color or the consistency of the mascara seems off, you might need to throw it away.

Let’s talk about how long an unopened tube of mascara can actually last. You can get the longest shelf life out of your unopened mascara if you pay attention to its shelf life and take the time to store it properly.

Does Mascara Expire?

All cosmetics expire eventually. Unopened mascara is no exception, expiring between one and two years if kept in ideal storage conditions. Once you open your mascara and start using it, a tube can be used for three to six months before you should replace it.

Eye health comes first and your mascara brush is one tool for putting on makeup that comes very close to your eyes. If you don’t change your tube of mascara often enough and bacteria forms in your mascara, you could end up with a nasty eye infection. 

Don’t risk your eye health by using expired, clumpy, mascara. Adopting the rule of replacing your mascara with each changing season can prevent you from ending up with expired mascara. Always check for printed expiration dates on packages when buying cosmetics and consider how long you plan to store the product before you will be using it.

An expired mascara will develop a bad smell and strange texture. If you suspect that a tube of mascara has gone bad, don’t use it. When in doubt, throw it out. 

How Long Does Mascara Last?

Most unopened and completely sealed mascara can last up to two or three years if stored as directed, in a cool, dry space. Products made with creamy ingredients and rich essential oils may start to go bad much faster.

When you see a good deal on a specific type of mascara, you may be tempted to buy several tubes at once to save a little money while you stock up on your faves. Be careful not to buy too many tubes or you may end up with a wasted stash of mascara if you’re unable to use them all before they expire. 

Once a tube of mascara has been opened, it is exposed to moisture and bacteria from the environment. After unsealing and using mascara it lasts only a few months or so, depending on how often it is used.

There will probably still be some mascara left in the tube after three months, but you shouldn’t delay replacing it for much longer than that. It could have yeast, pathogens, and even mold growing in there. Having at least one sealed backup tube of mascara on hand isn’t a bad idea. 

How Do You Know If Mascara is Expired?

If you are breaking into your cosmetics stash and checking the inventory of your makeup drawer, you may be wondering if that mascara you bought last year is still any good. There are a few telltale signs that mascara has gone bad.

Expired mascara has an unpleasant odor similar to gasoline. If a tube of mascara has a bad odor when you open it, it’s probably expired. Some mascara will become dry and flaky after its expiration date. 

Expired mascara may even change color and texture. If the mascara looks globby or clumpy it could be expired. If tubes of mascara are well packaged, kept tightly sealed, and stored at the right temperature, the mascara is probably still good even after an entire year of being set aside.

If the mascara got too hot or frozen during storage it could be damaged. Always check for strange odors, textures, and dry flakes when opening a new tube of mascara.

How Do You Store Unopened Mascara?

It’s important to keep unopened tubes of mascara away from heat and sunlight. Cool, dark places are preferred for the storage of unopened mascara. Many beauty products don’t have labels indicating shelf life before opening.

Using common sense and good storage practices goes a long way when it comes to the storage life of unopened mascara. An unopened tube of mascara that is kept cool and dry could last a few years in storage.

 Keep unopened mascara away from heat and sunlight, Know what to look for to make sure your mascara is still safe to use after storage. If the mascara has an off-color, odor, or thick texture, it may have gone bad.

Storing unopened mascara in a cool, dry cabinet is the most common practice. Some people even store their unopened tubes of mascara in the refrigerator to keep them as cool as possible in hopes of prolonging their shelf life.

What Happens if You Use Expired Mascara?

If you think your mascara has gone bad, you should throw it away. Old mascara will clump up or become dry and flaky on the brush. Clumps and flakes on the eyelashes can fall off or brush against the eyes.

Using old, dried mascara can end up scratching or damaging your eyes or affecting your vision. Old eye makeup can also develop bacteria that you definitely do not want near your eyes. Using expired mascara can cause eye irritation or even an infection. 

Don’t risk your eye health by using expired mascara. If a tube of mascara has a thick texture or strong odor, throw it in the trash and get a new tube. Using expired mascara can lead to skin breakouts, redness, or eye infections.

Expired makeup can change color as well and may not look the way you intended when you finally use it. Pay attention to the expiration dates, check your mascara when you open it, and protect your eye health.  

How Often Should You Replace Mascara?

All eye makeup should be replaced every three to six months just to be on the safe side. Mascara that is unopened can last up to two years, but once it’s open, it doesn’t last very long. Dipping the mascara brush in and out of its container regularly and applying it to the eyelashes allows for more bacteria and other particles to get in as well.

Replacing your mascara should be a regular part of your self-care routine. Expired mascara can look sloppy and cause nasty eye problems if left unchecked.

To prevent the growth of anything harmful, a tube of mascara should be replaced after three months. After it has expired, mascara will thicken and the ingredients will start to spoil. Expired mascara will eventually develop an awful, pungent odor.

Old mascara often globs up and can make your eyelashes look messy, clumpy, and even discolored. Look your best and avoid problems like eye irritation and infections by simply replacing your tube of mascara every few months.  

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