Full Lash Refills vs. Full Sets – What’s the Difference? 

If you’re considering getting eyelash extensions, you need to know the difference between lash refills and full sets. Full sets provide more complete coverage because a lash extension is applied to each eyelash.

Lash refills are upkeep appointments for replacing eyelash extensions that become damaged or naturally fall off between full sets. Let’s take a look at lash refills vs. full sets, how long these sessions can take, and how much having fuller lashes will cost to maintain at the salon.  

What is a full lash refill?

Scheduling a lash refill appointment is a part of routine lash extension maintenance. Our natural eyelashes are shed at different times as individuals according to our own unique growth cycle. As the old lashes fall out on their own, new lashes grow back in their place. At first, they aren’t long enough for extension applications. Once those new lashes are given a few weeks to mature, the lash artist can apply extensions to that new growth and keep the lashes looking their fullest overall. 

Lash refills should be scheduled every few weeks or sooner to keep the eyelashes looking as full and even as possible. Most salons recommend the removal of the original set after two or three lash refills. By then, it will be time to clean the natural eyelashes and give the eyelids and follicles some time to breathe before getting another full set. 

How long does a lash refill session take? 

Most people lose at least a few eyelashes naturally every day. The eyelash extensions fall out along with the eyelashes as nature takes its course. After two or three weeks of new growth, the lashes will start to have areas with missing or damaged extensions. Then, it will be time to call the salon to schedule a full lash refill. 

A lash refill session will take about half as long as a full set appointment. You should expect a lash refill session to take about 45 minutes or so. The lash artist will have to replace any missing or damaged lash extensions to keep the set looking fuller longer. The length of your lash refill appointment will depend on how many lashes the artist has to work on.

How much is the average cost of a lash refill?

Lash refills are much cheaper than full sets but are required every few weeks to maintain this lush look. The cost of a lash refill can vary with different salons and lash artists. Some salons offer clients deals if they agree to keep regular lash refill appointments every two to three weeks in between sets. Loyalty can go a long way with your lash artist, if you follow their care instructions and lash refill schedules you could get a discount. 

Prices for a lash refill usually range between $50-$150, depending on the cost of materials, style, and time spent by the lash artist to perform the service. Lashes can become droopy or overgrown if not properly maintained.

Natural lashes that were too short for extensions at first will grow into healthy lashes that the artist can apply extensions to during lash refill sessions. A lash refill will cost about half the price of a full set but will keep your lashes looking better longer.

What is a full set?

Getting a full set of eyelash extensions is a process where the lash artist applies extensions to natural eyelashes to lengthen and thicken the appearance of each individual eyelash. The number of extensions you need will depend on the number of natural eyelashes your eyelids have. 

Most people have over a hundred individual eyelashes on each of their upper eyelids alone. That number alone tells you that this could be a lengthy visit. Getting a full set of lashes requires lying on your back and being still while your lash artist works until they achieve full coverage. A full set of lash extensions can help create a more glamorous and voluminous look.

What is the average cost for a full set of eyelash extensions?

A full set of eyelash extensions will cost you. Average prices for a full set of lash extensions vary, ranging from $100-$300 or more. Most salons offer basic sets and go up from there based on how long the job will take. Materials used and even custom lash options can add to the expense. 

Fluttery, perfect lash extensions done by a quality artist can last up to six weeks. Paying a little more for better extensions and trustworthy service could prove to save you in the long run. Everyday factors like makeup, moisture exposure, and even routine facial care habits can affect how long your extensions will last.  

How long does an appointment for a full set of lashes take?

Having an extension applied to every single one of your eyelashes is a lengthy process. If you can’t remain still while the lash artist works and be patient for well over an hour, getting lash extensions may not be the best choice for you. An appointment for a full set of lashes is not an in-and-out experience. You should plan to spend about an hour and a half or longer if you are planning to have a full set of lashes put on. 

During the process, you will be asked to lean back and relax as your lash artist works their magic and applies the extensions to each of your natural eyelashes. This means that over one hundred extensions will be applied and that will take a while for your artist to achieve. If you want longer, fuller eyelashes and decide to schedule an appointment for a full set, remember to clear plenty of time.

Are refills worth it?

Everyone is different and the growth cycles of eyelashes vary. Having refills on your eyelashes keeps them looking beautiful as you lose eyelashes. Lash refills allow the artist to apply extensions to new growth after old lashes (and the extensions that were attached to them) have naturally fallen off. 

Without refills, the lashes will appear less and less dense as time goes by until the extensions have all cycled out. If you have a slow lash growth cycle and don’t seem to lose as much volume between visits, you may be able to get by with fewer refills. Your eyelash extensions will gradually thin and it’s up to you whether you can hold off until it’s time to get a full set again or not. 

How many times can a set of lashes be refilled?

Your salon will probably have a recommendation for how many times your set of lashes can be refilled before you need to spring for a new set. After two lash refills, three at the very most, you will need to give your natural lashes some care to keep them healthy between sets. Trying to just get lash refills over and over may seem like it’s saving you money but it can damage your natural lashes over time. 

Oil, debris, and bacteria can build up on the extensions and lead to irritation or infection if lash extensions are left on too long. Don’t push your luck with your eyelash and eyelid health. When your eyelash professional recommends a new set you should follow their advice.

Trying to just get lash refills over and over, avoiding paying for a full set, is not only unhealthy for your lashes, but it can also become annoying for your salon professionals as well. 

How long will a full set of lashes last?

A full set of lashes can last about six weeks at most. Every 8 to 12 weeks our eyelashes are shed on a cycle and the extensions are shed with them. Six weeks is about the longest you will be able to keep a full set of lashes looking gorgeous.

Brides hoping to look their best with lash extensions must keep in mind that a full set will only look top-notch for a couple of weeks. A full set of lashes will require proper maintenance to keep them looking full and flitty any longer than that. 

Keeping a set of lashes looking complete is the key. Your artist will straighten up your lashes and add fill-ins as needed to keep them looking sharp until you need a new set.

If you wait too long to replace them, your lash extensions will droop and fall out as new lashes grow in. Every four to six weeks your lash artist will recommend a fresh full set of lashes.