Do Septum Piercings look good on a big nose?

Your nose is the centerpiece of your face. Whether you have a large or small nose, it can be fun to enhance its appearance with a great piece of jewelry. Getting a piercing is a bit of a commitment, so you may be wondering – do septum piercings look good on a big nose?

The short answer is yes – because the ring is worn in the middle parting of the nose, it can make the nose appear longer, slenderer, and more symmetrical. At the end of the day, you should choose the piercing and the jewelry that makes YOU feel confident and attractive.

Let’s talk more about having a big nose and complementing it with jewelry. We’ll also touch on the risks of getting a septum piercing (like infection or an allergic reaction) versus the rewards.  

Does it matter if you have a big nose?

In this day and age, anyone can become “pretty enough” with the right products, surgeries, or treatments. But no one else can imitate the special features that make you unique.

With that being said, you’re not the first person to feel insecure about the shape or size of your nose. While you don’t need a perfect nose to be stunning, you have plenty of options available to you for modifying your nose, from a nonsurgical nose job to contouring with makeup. 

A big nose can be striking, strong, and beautiful. Remember – an interesting beauty stands out in a crowd! If you get nose surgery, you’ll look much less like you. Alternatively, you could embrace your natural nose and instead take small measures to make it look its best.

One simple way to make your nose more beautiful is with a little jewelry. Let’s talk more about some piercings that can gently improve the look of your nose and enhance your self-esteem.

What piercing can make your nose look smaller?

Here are some piercings that may make your nose appear smaller:

Stud nose ring

A small, glittery jewel on one side of the nose can take the focus off the size or shape of your nose. If you want to make your nose look a little more girly and elegant, a small jewel is a great way to do it.

On the other hand, some people look better with a medium-size gem. There are so many different nose shapes – broad or narrow, long or short, straight or curved. Consider playing around with different nail gems to see how they make your nose look, then choose the size and color that flatter your nose most. You can also experiment with the placement before you receive your piercing.

Tiny nose hoop

If you pierce your nose, try a tiny hoop before experimenting with something bigger. Even smaller nose shapes look better with a subtle hoop rather than a bulky one.


Believe it or not, some earrings can enhance the appearance of your facial features, including your nose. Long, dangly earrings can make the whole face look longer and draw attention away from the center of the face. While some people look amazing with hoops or round earrings, they don’t usually compliment larger nose shapes.

Septum nose ring

With options like horseshoe-shaped hoops, circular hoops, rings, or circular barbells, septum nose rings offer plenty of fashionable choices. For many people, a septum nose ring makes the facial features look symmetrical and beautiful. Because the ring is worn in the middle parting of the nose, it can bring the focus towards the center of the nose, creating the illusion of a longer and more even nose.

There are so many different nose and earring styles that can enhance your facial features. While you’re making your decisions, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everybody has different perspectives on jewelry and nose shapes. Choose what makes YOU feel most confident, regardless of the feedback you receive from others.

Do septum piercings hurt?

A septum piercing does hurt a lot – but just for a few seconds. The tissue between your nostrils is thin, yet rigid, meaning it will hurt when it’s pierced, but it will also heal quickly.

You can expect to feel a little sore and itchy for one-week post-piercing. For a few weeks after that, you may feel some dull pain if you snag or bump your piercing (like when you’re changing clothes or watching your face).  

If you have a deviated septum, you may want to steer clear of septum piercings. This condition may cause overactive nerves in the area, making a septum piercing hurt worse.

Other types of nose piercings hurt less than a septum piercing, but will take longer to heal.

Are septum piercings hard to take care of?

You can expect to care diligently for a septum piercing 4 months after you have it done. The better aftercare you provide, the more quickly it will heal. Potential side effects of a septum piercing include:

  • Infection: If bacteria enter the wound, you may be at risk for an infection. An infection may cause swelling, pain, dark skin, or blood and pus. You may also feel feverish or unwell. An infection puts your overall health at risk, so don’t ignore the signs.
  • Migration: Migration is when the piercing moves from its original spot, which is rare but possible. If you feel like your piercing is moving, contact your piercer ASAP to resolve the issue before an infection develops.
  • Allergic Reaction: You may be allergic to the metal in your jewelry, and an allergic reaction can cause itching, swelling, and blistering. The most common metal allergies include nickel and cobalt.
  • Scarring: Some people will have a permanent scar from a septum piercing, and some won’t. To minimize your chances of scarring, do not irritate or tug at your piercing, and follow proper aftercare practices (as an infection can cause scarring).

In order to avoid these consequences, it’s important to follow your piercer’s aftercare recommendations. Fortunately, a new septum piercing is not difficult to take care of but requires just a little effort. Good practices include…

  • Clean the piercing gently twice per day with a saline solution and cotton ball or saline mist until it is fully healed
  • Keep your hands clean – carry around hand sanitizer, and always wash before cleaning the piercing
  • Avoid clothing that could snag your septum ring
  • Avoid touching your septum piercing or playing with it
  • If you have to blow your nose, blow as gently as possible into a clean tissue and do not put too much pressure on the nose
  • Do not change your jewelry until instructed by your piercer
  • Do not use any blood thinners like Tylenol or Advil, as this may prevent clotting and normal healing
  • Avoid caffeine as much as possible, because it is also a blood thinner
  • An antiseptic spray can be used sparingly if you notice signs of an infection, but do not overuse antiseptic or antibiotic ointments as they may slow the healing process
  • When you change your piercing, clean the piercing and sterilize the new jewelry before placement

Don’t forget to ask your piercer for all of their recommendations before leaving the studio.

Do septum piercings get infected easily?

As with any new piercing, infection is a risk. Fortunately, the risk is low, especially with septum piercings! Septum piercings are actually less likely to become infected than most other piercings because there are plentiful mucous membranes in the area to fight off infection.

If you do notice excessive pain, redness, or swelling after getting your piercing, don’t delay – get it checked out with your piercer or doctor right away.

If you keep your hands and piercing clean, you probably won’t experience a septum piercing infection. There is a slightly higher risk of having an allergic reaction to the metals in the jewelry. Scarring is another common side effect of piercing the septum. Be sure to use high-quality jewelry, and follow proper aftercare to avoid any complications.

Show off your exceptional nose

You can create all kinds of looks and illusions with different nose rings. If you’re prepared to take care of a new piercing, you can experiment with fake jewelry and nose gems to get a better idea of what you want. Jewelry is a great way to show off your personality and compliment your natural facial structure. It’s an easy way to dress up for a special occasion or feel trendy and pretty in your daily life!

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