Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap on Your Hair?

In the world of beauty, it can be great to know about product substitutes. Sometimes we are in a pinch and out of a product and need to know what can quickly be used in its place. Many of us have Dawn dish soap sitting in our kitchen and a common beauty question is whether you can wash your hair with Dawn dish soap.

Whether you ran out of your normal shampoo and want to use dish soap instead or if you want a great clarifying wash, Dawn dish soap can in fact be used on your hair.

Washing with Dawn dish soap can have pros and cons, so it is important to be aware of the proper way to use it if you are going to wash your hair with this instead of normal shampoo. When using products that are not labeled for your hair, it is critical to understand the best way to use them in order to prevent severe damage to your hair.

What Are the Benefits to Using Dawn on Your Hair?

Since Dawn can be used to wash your hair, there are certain benefits to using Dawn dish soap in place of your regular shampoo. Dawn dish soap will not necessarily make your hair healthier but can help with certain problems in a pinch.

1. Removes Dandruff, Grease, and Oil

Dawn has a stronger formula than any normal hair shampoo you might be using. Due to this more intense formula, it can remove dandruff, grease, or even oil from your hair. This can be beneficial if you feel like your hair is weighed down with oil and dandruff.

2. Can Lighten Hair Color

If you recently colored your hair and are not happy with how dark it is, Dawn dish soap can act as a natural bleach or lightener and be used to lighten your hair color. You can leave the soap on for a longer period of time such as 15-20 minutes in order to get a better result.

3. Removes Product Buildup

Along with helping to remove the buildup of oil and dandruff, Dawn dish soap can also greatly help with the removal of product buildup at the roots of your hair. If you are someone who uses quite a few styling products every day, then you are probably going to want to do a clarifying wash of your hair once in a while.

It can also be very beneficial for those that have dreadlocks or extensions as it can be harder to get all the way into the hair root when using regular shampoo.

Dawn is a great product to use to remove all of that product buildup and get your hair nice and clean.

Can It Damage Your Hair?

Technically, you can use Dawn dish soap to wash your hair and it most likely will not harm it if you are using it once in a while. However, it is not recommended to use Dawn dish soap frequently.

Dawn dish soap is very harsh and can strip your hair more than what is deemed healthy. Since Dawn dish soap will strip all oils from your hair, it will leave the hair drier and more prone to breakage. If you are using Dawn on a weekly basis or more often, then you are potentially going to see your hair become increasingly dry and begin to break off.

If you have hair that gets greasy easily and you want to do a clarifying wash weekly, it is a better idea to use a gentler clarifying shampoo and then use Dawn dish soap once per month for a deeper clarifying wash.

Why Are Oils Important to Your Hair?

Since washing with Dawn can strip oils from your hair, it is crucial to know that you do not want to strip your hair too often.

Your hair will naturally produce oils on its own. Some people may produce oils faster than others, which is why some can go days without washing and not have any issue. However, if you are someone that produces a lot of oil, then you might be tempted to wash frequently or want to use Dawn dish soap once a week to prevent your hair from being too greasy.

Washing too frequently and stripping your hair of its natural oils will cause multiple issues. Not only will it dry out your hair, but it can also become fragile and brittle, which can lead to more breakage. If you are trying to grow out your hair this can be a recipe for disaster.

If you remove the oils from your hair too often, you may find that you have the opposite problem. Your body is going to try to compensate for the lack of oil and may produce even more oil than it did previously. These oils help your hair stay moisturized and healthy, so you do not want to strip them frequently.

 How Long Should You Leave It in Your Hair?

If you do want to wash your hair with Dawn dish soap, then it is important to do it properly. You will want to leave it in for the proper amount of time in order to get the results you desire.

When using Dawn dish soap to wash your hair, it is best to leave it on for only 5-10 minutes to start. This should be plenty of time to remove any buildup, but not so long that it will entirely dry your hair out. If you feel like 5-10 minutes was not long enough then you can do a second wash for another 5-10 minutes.

It is also important to dilute the Dawn dish soap when using it as a shampoo. Mix equal parts water with the dish soap so it is not as harsh on your hair.

Tips for Using Dawn Dish Soap on Hair

There are tips for using Dawn dish soap on your hair that will help you to get the best results.

1. Use Oil Beforehand

If you have curly hair, then your hair will dry out more than someone with straight and fine hair. It can be a good idea to apply oil to your hair or a conditioning mask in order to put some moisture to your hair prior to using the dish soap.

This will keep your hair from drying out too much and being completely stripped.

2. Do Not Use Too Much

You do not need a lot of dish soap to wash your hair. Even those with thick or long hair will not need a large amount of soap. Dawn dish soap will lather very easily, unlike a lot of normal shampoos.

Using too much can cause your hair to feel brittle after using so it is important to use the smallest amount possible. If you are just using the Dawn dish soap to remove buildup, you should not need more than a quarter size amount.

However, if you are wanting to use dish soap to lighten and remove hair color then you may need slightly more in order to get desired results.

3. Rinse Completely

After you shampoo with Dawn dish soap, be sure to rinse your hair completely. You do not want to leave any soap residue in your hair so even a double rinse is not a bad idea.

One of the main reasons people shampoo with Dawn dish soap is to remove buildup so if you do not rinse thoroughly then you are defeating the purpose of using it.

4. Use A Moisturizing Treatment

Once you have completed your hair washing process it is a good idea to apply some form of moisture to your hair. This could be a deep conditioner that you leave in and rinse out or even a leave-in oil or conditioner would work great.

Since Dawn dish soap can dry out your hair, you want to seal in any remaining moisture and protect your hair with some added moisture as well.

After reading this, we hope you feel more educated and comfortable about using Dawn dish soap on your hair. You now know that Dawn dish soap can be used to wash your hair, how to use it properly, and the best tips for the results you want!

Next time you are in a pinch or just want to get rid of some of that product buildup, you can reach under your kitchen sink and grab some Dawn dish soap!

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