Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are short fibers that increase the length of your natural eyelashes. They help your natural lashes by adding volume and length to your existing eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions add a bold dimension to your eyes and allow you to wake up looking fabulous. There is no daily application of mascara which many women love. We all want a high maintenance appeal with a low maintenance need, right?

While many people simply wake up and begin their day with their lash extensions, some people are still interested in going the extra mile with their morning makeup routine. Some people still want to add more to their lash extensions, extra mascara, or even add an extra curl to them.

But, this may make you ask yourself, is it ok to curl your eyelash extensions? The short answer is yes, but there is a very specific way that you must go about doing it.

Continue reading and we will discuss everything you need to know about curling your eyelashes, how long they last, and what to avoid while you have eyelash extensions.

Is It Ok To Curl Your Eyelash Extensions?

If you want even more vibrancy to your eyelash extensions, you may be curious about curling them. While it is possible to curl your eyelash extensions, you must do it the right way to prevent them from breaking off!

Always curl your eyelash extensions at the base of your lash line under where the extension begins. Curling your eyelashes on the natural lash line adds curl to your eyelash without damaging the eyelash extensions.

If you were to curl your eyelashes along the glue line where the extensions begin, you take the chance of damaging the adhesive used to keep the eyelash extensions in place.

Damaging the glue will cause damage to the artificial lash, and they will break off quicker.

If you curl your eyelash extensions above the glue line, or more toward the middle of your lashes it can cause the artificial eyelash to crease at an awkward angle making them look unnatural or off-putting.

Curling your lashes above the glue line can also increase the risk of your eyelash extensions falling off prematurely.

If you do decide to curl your eyelash extensions, we recommend using a heated eyelash curler. Similar to how a curling iron works on your hair, the heated eyelash curler will work on your eyelashes.

The heated eyelash curler helps your lashes retain their curl and doesn’t require as many “touch-ups”

You can find a highly rated eyelash curler here.

If you want extra curled eyelashes with your eyelash extensions, you can always opt to get an eyelash perm. An eyelash perm will hold your lashes in a curl for up to 4 weeks, allowing you to have perfect upright lashes.

The eyelash perm reduces the amount of time and effort needed to curl your eyelash extensions on a daily basis.

If you get an eyelash perm, sometimes known as an eyelash lift, you will want to get it before you apply your eyelash extensions. If you try to perm your eyelashes with extensions already in place the perm will weaken the glue and the extensions will break off.

Is it normal for lash extensions to lose their curl?

Eyelash extensions are similar to your natural eyelashes, especially ones made from natural fibers. Sometimes your eyelash extensions will lose their curl, which can make your lash extensions stick out rather than curl back.

If you have noticed that your eyelash extensions have begun to straighten, you may want to follow the following ways to help prevent it from happening with your next set.

Don’t Sleep On Your Face

This may be hard for people who sleep on their stomachs, but try to avoid sleeping face down on your eyelashes. The added pressure on your eyelashes can straighten them, or cause them to break off completely.

Try to sleep on your side or your back if you have eyelash extensions, this will help keep your eyelash extensions from being deformed while you sleep.

If you are a belly sleeper, wear an eye mask to bed. The eye mask will help keep your lashes in place and prevent you from disturbing them too much while you sleep.

Opt For Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are lighter than synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers will weigh down your natural eyelashes which can cause them to straighten over time.

Natural fibers are also less prone to heat damage. When synthetic fibers are exposed to heat they can melt, the melting process can cause them to lose their curl and shape.

Stay Away From Heat

If you must use synthetic fibers for your eyelash extensions, stay away from excessive heat! Since the heat can increase the risk of your lashes losing their curl, you will want to try to stay cool.

Don’t Pull At Them

Don’t pull or tug on your eyelash extensions. This may sound like a no-brainer, but some people just can’t resist! Pulling or tugging on your natural lashes or your eyelash extensions will cause them to lose their curl and may cause them to fall off.

Don’t Add Too Many

Many people who get eyelash extensions want the fullest set that they can get. While these full volume sets may look good initially, after a few days they will begin to weigh down your natural eyelashes.

The weight of the excessive eyelash extensions can cause your natural eyelashes to completely lose their curl which will cause your eyelash extensions to look straighter as well.

Don’t Brush Them Too Often

Sometimes we become hyper-focused on things we love. When we get a new set of eyelashes we can become fixated on them and want to take the best care of them. For some of us, we feel like taking the best care of something is touching or grooming it in excess.

But, brushing your lashes too often can cause them to lose their curl or fall off too soon. Avoid brushing your eyelash extensions more than twice per day. And always use a clean brush that is free from oil or residue.

Ask For Shorter Lashes

You may be screaming at me right now for this one! You may be saying, why would I get shorter eyelash extensions when I want long and full lashes! Well, shorter lash extensions will be lighter and less likely to lose their shape from outside disturbances.

If you have naturally curled eyelashes, adding a short lash will still enhance your eyes and allow you to have a bold and beautiful look!

Avoid Anything Oil Based

If you are washing your face daily or specifically your eyelashes, avoid oil-based cleansers. Anything oil-based will break down your lashes causing them to lose their curl or they may even break off.

Only wash your eyelash extensions with an eyelash extension cleanser that is specifically made for your eyelash extensions.

Wait Until Your Lashes Are Healthy

If you had a bad eyelash technician or a poorly applied set of eyelash extensions that caused your natural lashes to weaken or fall out, wait a few months until your eyelashes are healthy again.

Your eyelash extensions are only as strong as your natural eyelashes. If they are weak, your extensions will be weak also. Once they are strong and healthy you can apply a full set of eyelash extensions and they should stay curled and strong!

How long can you expect lash extensions to last?

Eyelash extensions won’t last forever, but with proper maintenance, they will last up to 8 weeks. The more lashes you have naturally, the more eyelash extensions that can be added, therefore the longer your eyelash extensions will last.

If you properly care for them and have them filled every 2 weeks, you can always have a fresh set of beautiful eyelashes.

My Final Thoughts

Eyelash extensions enhance your natural lashes and give you a bold and fierce look. But, sometimes we want even more boldness for our eyes. If you want the most appealing eyelashes achievable, you may want to first get an eyelash lift, then add your extensions! The eyelash perm will help reduce the daily time needed to sit and curl your lashes while giving you the look that you desire!

If you can’t get an eyelash perm before your next lash appointment, but still want to curl your lashes, opt for a heated lash curler and curl them at your lash line to achieve your look and keep your lash extensions safe!